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Password reset

În cazul în care ați uitat parola contului instituțional, aceasta se poate reseta automat urmând instrucțiunile de mai jos.

Step 1: We open a browser and access the institutional account management (SSO) page. Click on "Login to the TUIASI account" to open the login page (Fig. 1).

Step 2: We open the password reset page by going to "Forgot your password?" under the field "Password" (Fig. 2).

Step 3: In the newly opened page, enter your username (institutional account address up to @) in the field "Username" and click on button "Send" (Fig. 3).

Step 4: On the secondary address (@gmail, @yahoo, etc.) attached to the account we will receive an email with an automatically generated link to be able to reset the password (Fig. 4).